Andrew Feemster Productions

"Premier Magic Entertainment"



"You are one of the most requested entertainers from one year to the next by prior attendees. I speak from experience when I say you are truly one of the finest all-around magicians I have ever seen..."

- Carl Jones, CFP / Director of Financial Planning and Magician / Milkie/Ferguson Investments, Inc.

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Andrew can mingle with your guests sharing his high impact atmosphere entertainment specializing in sleight of hand and gift of gab. This is eye-popping magic delivered inches from the audience and designed to make THEM part of the show. The magic in this entertainment package is quick, visual and astonishing. Strolling magic is a popular approach for parties providing a casual and organic magical experience without the need for a set format. This show package is Andrew's MOST BOOKED and MOST REQUESTED. Highly recommended for all events!!

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