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The FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT step to finding a successful children's entertainer is looking for an act that can astonish both children and the same time. Many children's entertainers provide a show that is dowdy, and it comes across as "cheesy" to most children. Children are incredibly intuitive and arguably one of the toughest audiences to perform for. Andrew has been entertaining children for almost two decades with his unbelievable magic and an edgy, age-appropriate comedic style all his own. His show is impactful, interactive and will leave your audience of little guys and gals wanting more and more and more!! As a magic side effect, the adults at the party should enjoy it as well.


Andrew will make YOU look like a party planning professional and the birthday child gets the role as STAR OF THE SHOW!! The birthday kiddo receives a mini-private magic lesson whereby they learn two magic effects to perform for their friends and family. This show is indeed a personal magic experience that the birthday child will talk about long after the show is over. This package is a fantastic option for large children's events where the size of attendees may require multiple performances throughout the day.

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